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500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Festive Greetings!!! Wishing you Happy Vijaya Dashami and Tihar from AmaDablam Adventures Family!
Dashain & Tihar

As the entire nation celebrates the most anticipated festival of Dashain and Tihar, it symbolizes a festival of reunions, joy and celebration of victory over evils. According to the Hindu Dharma, a demon called 'Maishasura' was defeated in the battle with goddess Durga and saved everyone from his evils. Thus, VijayaDashamihonours the victory of Good over Evil.

As Dashain approaches, there is a different aura in the air, as people rejoice and celebrate with their loved ones. The Festive Celebration continues... Tihar, the festival of lights shortly follows Dashain. Diyas are lit all around to illuminate the night..

If you are thinking of participating on these festivities, AmaDablam Adventures Team would love to welcome you during this festive season. On this auspicious occasion, let us wish you a very Happy Vijayadashami and Subha Tihar! Wishing you peace and happiness wherever you go..

- The AmaDablam Team

Sindure Jatra Nuwakot
Sindure Jatra

Located just 75km from Kathmandu is Nuwakot, a central settlement in Nepal. Sindure Jatra is one of the main festivals in Nuwakot, which marks the arrival of Spring Season and the Nepali New Year. This Jatra is celebrated by the Newar community at the Nuwakot Durbar Vicinity.

To being this festive procession, devotees carry a wooden chariot with 32 palanquins called Khats with different images of Goddess Bhairabi. To mark the festival beginning, devotees smear each other with Sindure (vermillion powder) while singing and dancing to the tunes.

The Living God aka Dhami, offers goats and buffaloes as sacrifice to the Goddess Bhairabi. Following this, a huge mass of devotees pray and offer animals to the Gods in the premises of the Bhairabi Temple. As part of the ritual, the Dhami must suck the blood of the livestock three times and then pray to the Goddess Bhairabi.. Crowds swarm from different regions to witness this festival. At the end of the festival, a special Puja is then performed at the temple, where devotees worship and pray to God Bhairabi, for protection from all evils of the world.

Happy Nepali New Year 2075!!! Spring Annapurna

Nepal has dozens of ethnic groups with their own unique calendars celebrating different new years including Bikram Sambat, which falls on April 14 this year. It is the official calendar of Nepal and Nepalese all around the world celebrate this NEW YEAR. It is an official public holiday in Nepal which is celebrated with a delicious nepali feast, family reunions and religious parades across Nepal.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy, If you are in Nepal for the Nepali New Year:

- Take to the streets of Kathmandu or other major cities to see the processions. People wear traditional clothing, drums and cultural music plays as they march, and decorative arches and banners are seen over the streets and markets.

- Attend the most famous of all Nepali New Year’s celebrations in Bhaktapur. You will see a gigantic chariot bearing the “God Bhairab” being pulled through town by dozens of villagers. They then engage in a festive tug of war, wherein the “east side” and “west side” residents compete. You can also attend similar demonstrations in Thimi or Bode.

- In Thimi, you will see a parade of various Hindu gods and participants who cover themselves in red powder they fling into the air. In Bode, the celebrations get somewhat more “intense,” as a single villager takes center stage by ceremonially piercing his tongue with an iron spike.

Since the Nepali Calendar was designed to make spring the beginning of the year, you can take the opportunity to get outdoors to enjoy the fresh, spring weather. You may wish to get adventurous and hike or bicycle the “Annapurna Circuit,” a trek in the Annapurna Mountains of central Nepal. Or, you may wish to visit beautiful Phewa Lake in Pokhara, where you will see the surrounding mountains reflected on the lake’s surface and where you can visit Taal Barahi Temple on an island in the middle of the lake.

No matter wherever you are, let’s join hands to promote Nepalese tourism all around the world and Let’s make a New Years Resolution on the occasion of this Nepali New Year 2075.

Wishing you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2075!!!

- The AmaDablam Team

  • Your staff on the trek were excellent, helpful & extremely friendly! I will never forget this experience! Thanks to all & see you again.
    Mr. Walter Rayher Denmark Trip - Langtang Valley

  • Excellent leader and service from all staff. Excellent relationships with them all.
    Mrs. Teresa Brass Maidenhead, UK Trip - Annapurna Sanctuary
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