500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Environmental Concerns

AmaDablam pioneered the use of environmentally-friendly fuel for cooking on treks instead of burning firewood as it was deeply concerned that this practice would accelerate the deforestation of the Himalaya. Before anyone imagined, AmaDabalam founded a eco-trekking workshop and seminar aiming to teach other trekking companies' staff about environmental protection. We plant trees every alternate year on behalf of our clients. We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to take lots of photographs of pristine environments but leave only footprints as a sign of your passage. We ask that our guests are also environmentally-friendly, as the fragile mountain environment is being damaged by careless or ill-informed trekkers.

So, Please

* Bring bio-degradable toiletries.
* Only shower in lodges with electric or solar hot water.
* Keep a small rubbish bag in your daypack.
* Dispose of burnables, bottles and batteries at camp and never throw rubbish onto the ground, under any circumstances.
* Buy drinks in glass bottles on trek; plastic water bottles are not recyclable.
* Do washing away from watercourses, with bio-degradable soap.
* During the day, make toilet stops far off the trail, bury waste and burn toilet paper.
* Dispose of sanitary napkins, tampons and toilet paper in the bag in the camp/Lodge toilets.
We cannot stress our environmental concerns strongly enough!
Please help AmaDablam keep Nepal beautiful!

  • Your staff on the trek were excellent, helpful & extremely friendly! I will never forget this experience! Thanks to all & see you again.
    Mr. Walter Rayher Denmark Trip - Langtang Valley

  • Excellent leader and service from all staff. Excellent relationships with them all.
    Mrs. Teresa Brass Maidenhead, UK Trip - Annapurna Sanctuary
volunteering in Nepal

Voluntary Tours

We invite all enthusiast volunteers to work in hospitals, schools, orphanages, homes for the elderly, and homes for the physically challenged.

Join our community services

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