500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
Final Word

Thousands of trekkers come to the Himalaya annually, many on very limited budgets, so the horror stories of bad treks, stomach problems and A.M.S. are mostly true. In the past, tea-house trekking could be hazardous, only undertaken by the brave or the foolhardy. However, facilities are now greatly improved and, to a large degree, standardized.

It need not be a uncomfortable alternative anymore, if you follow the guidelines we have given you about personal hygiene, rubbish disposal and environmental protection. It�s the little things that make the difference; before you clean your teeth on trek, think about where the water has come from!

It will not be 5-star, but you would not have come to Nepal to trek if you were expecting that! But you have chosen, very sensibly, to travel with a company with many years experience of taking the fears out of trekking. We can�t control the weather, but we do work constantly to give you the holiday of a lifetime, by controlling the food you eat and your rate of ascent, and monitoring your safety and well-being at all times.

A little bit of common sense, patience and tolerance goes a long way. So, while we are always ready to assist you in having the holiday of a lifetime, the old adage about �Getting back what you put in� is especially true here. A trekking holiday doesn�t appeal to everyone and, honestly, half way up the first hill you may wonder why you�re not lying on a beach somewhere! However, at the first sight of the mighty Himalayas, you will know why you chose Nepal and why trekking is the ultimate holiday. It is a time to reflect, take photographs, make new friends among vastly different people, sit in the sun and gaze up at soaring peaks of ice and rock, relax and have fun in the company of great people.

Nepal is a developing country and sometimes things happen on time, but mostly they don�t. AmaDablam appreciates that this is your holiday and that you want things to happen when they are supposed to, but we can�t control everything! While we will do our best to rectify the situation, please understand that delays are commonplace in this part of the world. We are sure you will appreciate this and accept it as part of the whole Nepal experience. Leave your watch at home and take things as they come. You will quickly become accustomed to the relaxed pace and are likely to reassess your usual frantic schedule!

Enjoy your trek!

  • Your staff on the trek were excellent, helpful & extremely friendly! I will never forget this experience! Thanks to all & see you again.
    Mr. Walter Rayher Denmark Trip - Langtang Valley

  • Excellent leader and service from all staff. Excellent relationships with them all.
    Mrs. Teresa Brass Maidenhead, UK Trip - Annapurna Sanctuary
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We invite all enthusiast volunteers to work in hospitals, schools, orphanages, homes for the elderly, and homes for the physically challenged.

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