500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
500 Scheduled Holidays, 1000 Tailor Made Holidays & Special Interest Holidays @ Unbeatable Prices & Service Inclusions
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Big international media loves bad news because it sells. Internationally Renowned Print Media and Electronic Media have covered the images and Prime Time news of only those worst scenarios of Nepal Earthquake, which were not as ugly as was portrayed. The News Channels only focus on hundred-year-old-technology built houses of mud, mortar and rocks and some centuries-old temples of Kathmandu that were vulnerable and damaged. It is true that some buildings in Kathmandu have collapsed but those buildings had flouted the building codes. But otherwise:

99 % of Kathmandu’s houses are still intact,
all Hotels in Pokhara have been “Green Flagged”. Out of over thousand Hotels, only 3 Hotels in Kathmandu Valley were "Red Flagged" by the joint team comprising of Senior Engineers of Ministry of Construction & Local Development of Nepal and International Structural and Earthquake Engineering Specialist Miyamoto.
all the airports of Nepal are operational,
all national parks including famous Chitwan National Park are in full operation.
all roads and bridges are intact and all telecommunication network including internet, ATM operate and are functional
all trekking trails are operational except Langtang as Manaslu trails have been repaired and is operational now.
all mountains peak including Mt Everest are standing still and are open for mountaineering.

We sent out Teams of Sherpa Guides on a reconnaissance treks to check the trails in the major trekking destinations - and they report that all Trekking Trails are open for trekkers except Langtang, which is ready to open soon once the debris from the landslips are cleared. Despite the avalanche in the Everest, the Everest trail leading to Everest Base Camp is safe to trek with fewer impact of the earthquake. All footbridges enroute are operational and are carrying traffic. All walking trails are as good as before. The famous Annapurna Region has been untouched by the earthquake. Almost 100 % of trekking trails in the regions are safe to trek including the famous Mustang and Dolpa trails. Whole of Nepal is still intact and so are the indomitable spirit of the people who will rebuild their lives and heritage sites!

The government has reopened UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley in less than two months after removing debris in an attempt to facilitate the tourists from June 2015. Major Tourist Destinations like Pokhara, Daman, Chitwan, Bandipur, Palpa, Janakpur, Lumbini and many other exciting and exhilarating places have escaped damages.

Stacie Chan, a Google employee based on California, USA traveling to Nepal along with her 34 other colleagues said how some of her preconceived notions of the earthquake changed when she came to Nepal. She said, “.......there were so many images of disaster, destruction and horror on the internet. But in reality children are going to school, shops are open and all the things are running in normalcy.....people around the globe were scared, initially - and not without reason. They need to know that Nepal is rising.” Similarly, seven times Everest summiter Peter Athans appealed to foreign visitors to come to Nepal as the country is in need of tourists now more than ever to revive its vital tourism sector. Tourism sector in Nepal is really hurting and visiting tourists can only heal it. Likewise two kids from India travelling with their parents have become the youngest kids at the age of 8 and 5 to reach the Everest Base Camp helped promote Nepal’s Tourism at a time when the country is gradually rising from the aftermath of the disaster.

Many will wonder how do I help Nepal - one can just visit the country and that's how they can Help. Each tourist will help employ 8 people directly and indirectly. Tourism accounts for a significant percentage of the country's gross domestic product. More than 85000 tourists from Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and many other countries have already visited Nepal since the Earthquake and more and more people have shown their interest to visit Nepal in the days to come. 29 Airlines which now fly to Nepal are offering special deal tickets and one said to be 80-90 % full during Sep-Nov 2015. The US, the UK and New Zealand have relaxed weeks back their restrictions on their citizens travelling to Nepal. Furthermore, National Planning Commission, Nepal has already urged the government to announce 2017 and 2018 as Visit Nepal Year as “Nepal begins to Rise”. The government has appointed two dozen tourism goodwill ambassadors from home and abroad to restore Nepal’s tourism sector to its pre-earthquake glory and convey the message that Nepal is safe to visit.

AmaDablam Foundation has contributed in whatever small way possible it can to victims of earthquake; and all profits generated from its business for the year 2015 and 2016 is planned to be used for charitable works. We already have our policy to urge our clients to contribute dollar a day of their travel to Nepal, and we match every cent into the AmaDablam Foundation. All the money goes to charitable works such as for schools, water for life projects, home for destitute, women's group, Maiti Nepal etc. At this stage we are not looking for any profit from our Business; and hence have reduced our Trip Prices significantly as our only propose is to make people travel to Nepal, which directly contribute for the national economy.

Nepal is as pristine and as adventurous as before. There are enough reasons for tourists to visit Nepal. Rivers, Jungles, Mountains, Flora and Fauna, and the Trekking Trail all beckon you and your clients!! For your kind Information we are not cancelling any of our trips/treks/expedition and all our brochure trips/treks/expeditions, and all other private and special treks and expeditions booked are guaranteed to depart.

In the meanwhile we will keep you updated as time passes, and if necessary you can contact us 24 hours any day. LIFE MUST GO ON - NEPAL IS RISING!

Yours in Adventures…

The Team

  • Your staff on the trek were excellent, helpful & extremely friendly! I will never forget this experience! Thanks to all & see you again.
    Mr. Walter Rayher Denmark Trip - Langtang Valley

  • Excellent leader and service from all staff. Excellent relationships with them all.
    Mrs. Teresa Brass Maidenhead, UK Trip - Annapurna Sanctuary
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